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We are now open!


Many thanks to our valued customers & we welcome who missed The Sultan's Table...


Warm Regards



The Sultan’s Table was established 2004 December since it was opened its aim was always to make food from original Turkish receipts which had been around for hundreds of years. We are located at 179 Enmore Road Enmore / Sydney. We have no other branches... more >>

The Sultan's Table
is BYO. Cushion seats and courtyard sitting available, is the perfect venue for receptions of any type and private parties. For the reservations call us on 02 9557 0229



   (5 km radius)





We do not have any other branch in Australia. We are the only one located on 179 Enmore Road Enmore.


Delicious Iskender Kebab!

Fine slices of doner kebab meat served on a layer of Turkish bread topped with home made yoghurt and special red sauce. One of our most delicious traditional main course.

Char Grill Lamb & Chicken Shish

Our char grills specially lamb shish and chicken shish are our signature dishes they are very highly on demand from our menu and we will continue to maintain the highest quality and the best taste of Turkish Cuisine in Australia with our costumers’ valuable support.



Turkish Cofee at The Sultan's Table - Guarantees forty years of friendship!

As the Turks say "To drink one cup of coffee together guarantees forty years of friendship".


Turkish coffee is a very fine, powder-like grind. An aromatic spice called cardamom is sometimes added to the coffee while it is being ground.


One can also boil whole seeds with the coffee and let them float to the top when served. Turkish coffee has six levels of sweetness ranging from very sweet to black. Since sugar is not added to the coffee after it is served, spoons are more

Turkish Sweets - One is not going to be enough! Spoil yourself, because you worth it!

The most well-known sweets associated with Turkish Cuisine are Turkish Delight, and "baklava", giving the impression that may be the typical desserts eaten after meals.


Baklava and its relatives are usually eaten with coffee, as a snack or after a kebab dish. These are paper-thin pastry sheets that are brushed with butter and folded, layered, or rolled after being filled with ground pistachios, walnuts or heavy cream, and then baked, after which a syrup is poured over them.

Turkish Tea - Always Fresh and giving pleasure

Tea, on the other hand, is the main source of caffeine for the people.


It is prepared in a special way, by brewing it over boiling water and served in delicate, small, clear glasses to show the deep red color and to transmit the heat to the hand.


Drinking tea is such an essential part of a working day, that any distruption of the constant supply of fresh tea is a sure way to sacrifice productivity.